About Magronic

Magronic is a step forward to redefine the area of Agriculture & allied sectors. Magronic currently works in the domain of Algae culture, refining the algae cultivation process. With environmental robotics, Internet of Things & applied life sciences, we save the spirulina ponds from invisible contaminations & also increase the yield by 50%. 

This venture was begun when an alarming problem in the underserved sector of algae culture falls into the eyes of three engineers, that triggered them to technologically resolve the crucial issues faced by algae cultivators. Initially, Magronic got incubated in Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore by competing with around 12,000 teams all over India. Later, Magronic received a remarkable support from American Center & ACIR through Startup Nexus - startup incubator supported by U.S.Embassy. Their extraordinary support in refining the process paved a bright way for our entrepreneurial journey.
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