Magronic acts as a juncture where traditional organic farming meets modern technology. We automates the process of making organic inputs with a data driven proprietary technology which considerably reduces the cost of farming. With advanced land processing methods, highly enriched & automated inputs along with modern day irrigation and fertigation techniques, organic farming reaches the next level - not only for farmers but consequentially consumers too.


Agriculture & farming is not only for farmers. With a very small piece of land, preferably terrace, every family can cultivate certain consumables for their own use. When every home achieves self sustainability, so does the nation. Using our innovative soil-less farming technique, we install the entire farm with autonomous irrigation & monitoring techniques for terrace farming and so can enjoy the organic fruits, vegetables & greens cultivated and harvested by yourself.


Are you interested in organic farming? We conduct various intensive hands-on workshops on farm handling, urban farming, hydroponics, Aquaponics, etc. where you can grow more crops with less water and less space. Get to know about agriculture and have your own farm.

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Apart from these products & services, we are pleasured to serve you in several other way according to your demanding requirements.

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